McMahon in solidarity with the schools of the north

As every year, we help the school No. 4411 "General Gregorio Velez" by sending donations of clothing and non-perishable food through Soulidarity NGO. More photos and videos at https://www.facebook.com/Soulidarity-ONG-328049593989951/

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SAP HCM at Austral University Hospital

Happy to start 2019 with the achievement of having implemented SAP HCM (Human Capital Management) at the Austral University Hospital. This project was led by the McMahon team as well as all the technical part of SWF ABAP was carried out, adding as a success story to our portfolio. Information about the Austral University [...]

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More Coaching Tools – Points of You

We started 2019 adding more Coaching tools and certifying Level 1 of Points of You. Emotions, Creativity and Growth. New communication skills, different forms of dialogue in professional or personal sphere, application of creative and strategic thinking in all contexts, applied creativity and innovation dynamics, effective performance in team and individual work, generation of [...]

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Project Management at ITBA

McMahon & co. continues to share its experience and create value. This time, in the academic field. Our Engineer Partner and MBA Luz Carrodani joined the IT Project Management chair at ITBA.   "It is a pleasure to contribute our knowledge and experience to the basic training of our future professionals, who will be in [...]

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Management of Medicines and Biomedical Supplies in HUA

Mid-2018 found us implementing the first stage of this great project - called GMEI - at the HUA (Austral University Hospital). GMEI is the comprehensive management of Medicines and Biomedical supplies through various SAP modules. The model - planned by our team - contemplated end-to-end logistics management, from the Cataloging, External Replenishment, Internal Replenishment, [...]

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McMahon incorporates Mindfulness and NLP

At McMahon we believe that there is enormous potential in knowing and incorporating practices and knowledge related to neurosciences. Incorporating these elements and applying them on a day-to-day basis nurtures our work, enhances the results of projects and services, generating additional benefits for our clients. It is also very important that well applied neuroscience elements [...]

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S4HANA implementation in ECTP

Happy to share a challenging project with ECTP Argentina and arrive at the S4HANA Go Live for the Administration and Finance Back Office in the scheduled times, leveraging the continuity of the operation and the optimization of its processes. McMahon contributed to the project: General Management, SAP Integration Technical Leadership - Core Applications, Comprehensive Testing [...]

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Web Portal Salary Settlement in DDAS

From McMahon we lead the Web Portal project for DDAS. The objective of this is to have an on-line and interactive communication channel between DDAS and the client companies. The tool, easy to use and access, allows you to carry out procedures through the web, facilitating the transfer of information, validations, monitoring and improvement [...]

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Helping our dear schools

  This Children’s Day we surprised Cafayate Salta School’s kids with two candy boxes gently sent via Soulidarity ONG.   During November McMahon & co.  provided the Schools with 50 kilos of powdered milk as our contribution to the children’s nutrition, covering their milk needs for the first two months of the school year 2017.

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Newsan’s 25th Anniversary

We’re glad to share with Newsan their 25th Anniversary celebration!. We’re proud of having been selected to support Newsan in the definition and implementation of core Supply Chain Planning Processes. We’re most committed to deliver our best and very happy to share this special year of their history.

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